I now have a second job.  Or third.  Or even forth, depending on how you count.  Anyhoo.  Until further notice, I will be spending my weekends at the local Bagel Shop.  It’s going to be a long…indefinite amount of time.  Working seven (7) days a week can burn a person out pretty quickly, so I’m going to focus on not doing that.
Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy.  And I am very busy at the Bagel Shop.  Mostly I’m at the front end, taking orders and being a cashier.  It’s nice because I get to see a lot of people and get to know the customers.  A good number of them are also customers of the Bank.  Though, I will say this, anyone who thinks Millenials are “entitled” has never waited on an old person.  Even at the Bank, they are some of the rudest, most entitled customers I have ever dealt with.  But that’s neither here nor there.
My co-workers are also fantastic.  That’s what really makes a job – the people you work with.  One of them is actually a neighbor of mine ;  so we might get together after work sometime to hang out.  We’re into all the same nerdy stuff – D&D, Magic, and the like.  She also said I can use her Wi-Fi.
The only thing that’s a bit of a love-hate, though, is coming in so early.  Don’t get me wrong, a 7a to 2p shift means that I still have enough afternoon to get things done.  But it means that the days I get to “sleep in” are now my weekdays.  Ironic, isn’t it?  But the fact that the managers are willing to work around the one Saturday per month I’m at the Bank, and the few Saturdays per quarter work might be a surprise (#OnCall), is amazing.  It’s not rocket science to know that managers like that are few and far between.
Of course, the free bagels are also nice.  As well as being able to take any of the yogurt parfaits and fruit salads that are going to expire.  That’s definitely helping my food budget.  It might not be the most balanced diet, but it’s food and that’s what matters.  When you’re doing a budget, the biggest controllable factor is food.  Again, neither here nor there.
Here’s to staying busy.  Hopefully I won’t run myself into the ground too hard.

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