Some time ago, I made a post about “cheating” on WordPress – scheduling posts for a date in the past so it would appear that was its original publication date.  I’ll admit, while typically I’d view that as cheating, it’s something that I’ve been doing recently.  Yes, I have some explaining to do.

I will admit, I’ve been doing this a lot more often than I’d like to (which is at all).  However, in my defense, it’s not that I’m not writing my posts on that assigned day.  I still don’t have Internet access at home, and often I’m too tired after work to go out and find the Interwebz.  So I save the posts in the Google Drive and when I do have Internet / wi-fi access, I come on here and post them.  I’m still writing, and still trying to keep up here.

However, by posting late and taking advantage of how WordPress schedules posts, am I still cheating myself and, more importantly, readers?

On the other hand, though, this blog doesn’t exactly have an enormous following.  But that doesn’t mean that someone still might not be wondering why there isn’t a post on, say, November 5th on the fifth, but on November 7th there is magically a post dated for two (2) days prior.

Arguably, this isn’t even a problem.  I’m still back into writing every day.  I’m still making my posts.  No, they’re not necessarily in a timely fashion, but they’re still getting there.  I guess this is more of an internal struggle than anything that leads me to question the validity of the situation as an actual “problem”.


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