This morning I got up earlier than normal – which was quite the task for me, even more so because V came over and spent the night – just so I could go and do my civic duty.  I figured that there wouldn’t be too many people out at 6.30 am to go vote.  Not only was I wrong, I was rather surprised at just how many people were out and about to vote before work.  Of course, it is the presidential election – and this has been, by far, the craziest one I’m sure all of us Americans have seen.

In spite of the number of people, the election officials got through us all relatively quickly.  When I saw the line I thought that I was going to be standing in line for at least an hour before I’d get my ballot.  Not only was I out in 20 minutes, I still had time to go get a walnut strudel at Einstein’s before heading off to work.

And I was at work early.  On election day.  Never thought that would happen.

Since the election’s been so controversial, Jackie said that we’re going to have the TV in the lobby on the cooking channel.  Politics is a bit too risky.  So much so right now, that we’re not going to put it back on any news station for at least a week.  Just until things calm down a bit.



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