This past weekend was the best weekend I’ve had in a long while.  I got things done, hobbied a bit, tutored, and even found time to hang out with friends and relax.  If I do say so myself, I’d say I earned it.

Friday night I had Nate over for a movie night.  It was also his 23rd birthday, so we split some chocolate fudge cake and peanut butter ice cream.  Movies?  Princess Bride and Poltergeist.  Interesting combination, I know.  I would have suggested The Cave, as it’s one of my all-time favorite movies, but that’s a solid “NOPE” movie for Nate.  I was surprised he’d even heard of it – it didn’t get nearly the amount of attention it deserved when it came out.  Nate was also my hero during Poltergeist…by removing a terrifyingly enormous spider from my house.

Saturday I got some cleaning done.  Some being the key word…there is still plenty more to do around the house.  I need to go through my clothes to figure out what I’m donating to Goodwill, I need to organize my kitchen, clean the car…but those are all things that can be a work in progress.  The clothes are a higher priority right now, though.  I own way too much clothing.

The highlight of the entire weekend, though, was definitely Sunday.  While I was out grocery shopping, V texted me and wanted to know if I had some free time to hang out.  The plan was to meet up at Battlegrounds to pick out some cards for the new deck I’m trying to build, then grab a bite, and meet up at my house.  Grocery shopping in itself, though, was also a highlight because I learned that the Wegmans here carries Saranac.  I never thought I’d see that root beer ever again.  (Hello food bill going up $10 per week).

We ended up not buying any cards, but we still talked a lot about the mechanics I’m looking for and the kind of deck that would be good for me since it’s been a hot minute since I’ve played the game.  But we did go back to my place and V rebuilt some decks he purchased for us to play.  I was wicked surprised when I actually beat him a few times – after all, I’ve missed so many expansions it’s practically a new game.  V told me that I’m a lot better than I think I am, and that I’m not bad, just out of practice.

Of course, I didn’t get done the things that were wicked necessary (like going to the DMV to get my license re-issued and finding out what I need to do to change the tags on my car)…but it just didn’t work out that way.  Always next weekend, though, right?


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