This chapter got wicked hefty.  I’m wondering if I should break it up into two (2), or leave it as-is.  I’ll go back to it later.  If I cannot make a decision…such feedback will come from my beta readers, I guess.

Chapter 4 is where I think the real plot of the story is finally starting.  This piece is a bit tough to get started, because the real meat & potatoes is between two characters that aren’t the main character.  Main character still has things going on, and it certainly keeps things interesting, but the action doesn’t start to really begin to build until now.  I worry about if my previous three (3) chapters are interesting enough to keep the reader hooked – again, that feedback will come from my beta readers when the time comes.

Chapter Page Count :  19

Chapter Word Count :  3,559

Final Word Count :  13,577


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