Things are coming along.  Of course, the month is still young and there is plenty more work to do.  I’m still in an editing stage, but I’ve still gotten quite a bit done.

I’m sure to some it looks like I’m just flying with this challenge – but that’s only if you’re looking at total word count and comparing it to the 50(k) goal.  Keep in mind :  I had a good 70 pages when I started this Unofficial NaNoWriMo.  So a good chunk of my month is going to be editing those and adding to them.

For now, I’ll admit that editing is light.  I tried writing this story a few different ways before I settled on its current format, so right now my focus is ensuring that everything is consistent.  If I get an idea to expand a paragraph / scene, then I’m expanding it.  Likewise, if I decide to switch up a scene or two, I’m doing it.

My goal is to have a cohesive, final draft.  I’m keeping the 50(k) word goal in mind just to know where I’m at in terms of, “Is it officially a novel yet?”  I know this is going to be much longer than that.  But, it’s still good to see where I’m at.  Especially since the goal of NaNoWriMo is that 50,000 word base.

Chapter Page Length :  16

Chapter Word Count :  4,249

Novel Word Count :  9,986


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