While I can be wicked snarky myself, and do enjoy a good bit of smart-assery, sometimes it really is uncalled for.  It’s one thing if the comment(s) are in jest, but if you’re actually trying to be rude or insulting, not only does it a lot more about you than it does about me, I’m not going to be offended.  Maybe a bit peeved, but overall I’ll just pity you.

Recently, I had a parent contact me on WyzAnt about tutoring her elementary-age daughter in writing.  She wanted regular lessons, starting in a few days.  I was pretty excited, since I have a lot of experience working with kids and reading their stories and their ideas is a lot of fun.  We were also talking about me tutoring other subjects, such as math and science.  I had lessons prepped, a study schedule, and I was ready to rock & roll.  Then, just a few days before we were to begin, she contacts me again and says to disregard her request.

“After applying more filters to my search, your profile didn’t come up anymore.  I guess you’re not a REAL tutor.”

First of all :  Screw off.

Second :  If you found a tutor that you think would be a better fit, that’s fine.  I’m okay with that.  But you don’t have to be so rude about it.

I’ve never received a message like that from anybody before, so it goes without saying that I was wicked shocked.  To be perfectly honest, I wanted to respond with just as much snark and show her a good old-fashioned, New York attitude.  But that would bring me down to her level.  Instead, I opted to not respond at all.  Someone like that is just looking for trouble.

WyzAnt uses filters to help you find the tutor that will best fit you and your child’s needs.  If you realize that you haven’t been specific enough, that will narrow results.  If I’m not in those results, that is perfectly fine with me.  There’s still plenty of teaching for me to do.  But if you’re an asshole about it…see my first point.


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